Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Big Rocks for 2015

Happy New Year!

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind with my job and the holidays and as a result my blog updates have taken a back burner.

But now, I have 3 glorious days freed up and I am ready to get back at it.

Let me start off with my training.  

I thought it was not going well but in the past 3 days, at the Snowdrop 55 Ultra, I covered almost 50 miles in 3 days.  And to my surprise, I am walking quite well today.  I am even tempted to go running today because my legs feel so good.  I was not expecting that.  Score!

On the other hand, my swimming for December was 4 for 7.  Which means, THREE times I skipped. Nope, not proud of this fact.  If I want to get better, then I NEED to get my ass in the pool.

Enough said.

My running this month I thought was so going poorly since I had hurt my hip in Louisiana.  I tried to do the 30K a week after Baton Rouge and ended up walking most of it.  I took it easy the rest of the month.  I still ran, but was a little leery of anything long mileage.  

I played the conservative card at the Ultra 55.  I did not set out to conquer 100 miles.  I had the goal to do as many laps as my body allowed in 55 hours.  I thought if I ran 50, I would be really proud of that since I had never run that distance in 2.5 days before. I ended up pretty darn close at 48 miles.

I ran when I felt good, walked when I didn't, and slept hard when my body was ready.  I drove home every night, put my feet up in front of the fire and returned to the park recharged and ready to go.  I loved every minute of this event.  The human spirit there will blow you away.  I am honored to have the chance to know every runner and volunteer at Snowdrop to bring awareness for pediatric cancer.

And I digress...back to the December training recap.

Finally the bike.  On the bike,  I have no pain.  So I could keep biking and I was able to do that as planned.

Okay, so now with the training update out of the way, it is time for my nerdy side.

For the new year, I bought a giant poster size sticky pad.  I am going to put it up on my bedroom wall with my weekly plan.  This is going to be my attempt to balance my family life, training and fundraising.  I will take a photo of it when completed.

Somehow I need to figure out the diet thing. This always seems to be my weakest link.

Working out, no problem.  What to eat?  Ugh.

As far as New Year resolutions go, well honestly, I like to do them all year long every month.  I always have areas I want to improve and the beginning of each month is like a clean slate. And a year, well, that is another ginormous clean slate.  So here are my 5 big rocks. Really, it should only be 3, but since 2 of them will drop off after July, I will still have a big three.

2015 Goals
  • Food Planning.  I really need to nail down the diet thing.  And not diet, by means of only eating rabbit food,  but by finding a routine to eat something on a regular basis and stop eating out so much.  Having a meal plan and following it.  I am still trying to figure out how to unlock that code.
  • Purge the Excess.  2015 will be the Year of the Purge.  I have too much stuff and not enough space.  Time for it to go.
  • Prioritize Commitments.  Focus on not putting so much on my plate.  I try to take too much on. If it does not fit in to Family time, Training or Fundraising outside of my day job then I need to reduce these from my schedule.
  • Training for another Ironman.  Stronger and better then Tahoe training. Be more consistent.  
  • Raise Money for Multiple Myeloma.  I need to raise 5 grand and that is scary as shit.  I need to put my creative skills to work and not be afraid of this goal and to look it in the face.