About Jenny

Jenny Briganti

 I live in Northeast Houston and work for a major airline.

 I am married to wonderful man from North Jersey who somehow made his way down to Texas.
I listen to all types of music (thanks to my music buff husband.)

I run, ride, swim, play outdoors, take photos, read, and love corny jokes.

 I graduated from Southwest Texas University with Fine Art Degree in 1998.

I love playing with Gizmo, our Shihtzu and of course,surfing the internet and plotting how to take over the world for one million dollars (insert evil laugh here).

An artist at heart, although due to my training, the art has taken a back burner. 

My interests have expanded to the triathlete world.   

Try to imagine climbing 48 flights of stairs. Try to imagine running 26.2 miles. 
Try to imagine swimming 2.4 miles, riding 112 miles and running 26.2 miles.  
Can you imagine?  I have... and then created my reality.

Welcome to my play ground.