101 Goals in 1001 days

  1. Run a half marathon

  2. Visit and camp in the Grand Canyon

  3. See New England's changing of the leaves.

  4. Participate in a Texas art fair

  5. Go to Napa Valley and visit different wineries.

  6. Sell my wedding dress

  7. Organize my photos in photobooks.

  8. Join toastmasters.

  9. Go to a Ramtha retreat.

  10. Go thru and sort my childhood belongings.

  11. Start an investment club for women.

  12. Buy an investment property.

  13. Make a will.

  14. There is always enough. Repeat. I will say this whenever I worry about money.

  15. Groundhog day every month, review goals.

  16. Write in a blog every week.

  17. Post a picture for every day.

  18. Get caught up and keep up with a budget.

  19. Send birthday cards for a year.

  20. Stretch often.

  21. Focus on my art. Find a direction. Walls. Books. Commissions. Explore all of these.

  22. Floss every day. Dentist 2x a year. Just do it.

  23. Switch to spending cash a week, instead of card.

  24. Fit into a pair of jeans, size 6. (must be able to zip and sit.)

  25. Take a multi-vitamin daily.

  26. Drink water at meals.

  27. Bring lunch and snacks to work.

  28. Learn to cook. Cook at home during the week.

  29. Use coupons!

  30. Paint 1-2 rooms for a child.

  31. Illustrate a children's book.

  32. Change my last name at all remaining institutions.

  33. Completely revamp my closet and get rid of those little dresses that do not fit anymore.

  34. Redesign Mom's business cards and brochures. Do a photo shoot.

  35. Design a garden. Plant.

  36. Fix our bottom patio into a sanctuary.

  37. Ride the MS 150 from Houston to Austin.

  38. Do my Yoga DVD for 30 days.

  39. Rebound 10 minutes a day for 30 days.

  40. Learn how to train Gizmo.

  41. Do laundry once a week.

  42. Wake up at 5am for 30 days.

  43. Complete a half Ironman.

  44. Save 100 bucks a month.

  45. Improve my swimming stroke in one summer.

  46. Host a wine tasting at our home.

  47. Learn how to play Texas Holdem.

  48. Take the Durango train ride in Colorado.

  49. Go on a cruise.

  50. Go to Italy with Charlie.

  51. Organize closet under the stairs.

  52. Run 4X a week for 30 minutes.

  53. In 2010 run a marathon. (2011)

  54. Teach an art class.

  55. Get caught up on all my commissions. Marla, Tina, Wendy, Lacy, Brandon, H. Aunt.

  56. Grocery shop once a week.

  57. Major clean the house when season change.

  58. Wash all windows on Townhome.

  59. Keep up my real estate license.

  60. Update my address book and put into Rollodex.

  61. List 6 things to do the night before.

  62. Listen to all my motivational business CD's

  63. Learn how to weight train.

  64. Set up garage with cable.

  65. Buy a treadmill with cash.

  66. Sing solo Karaoke.

  67. Devise my own training plan.

  68. Give up "sweets" cold turkey for 30 days.

  69. Do push-ups after every run.

  70. Back up and clean up the computer hard drive.

  71. Read 5 books before purchasing 1.

  72. Roll all loose change & deposit into savings account.

  73. Read an article on art once a week.

  74. Join a Masters swim class.

  75. Go 30 days without watching TV.

  76. Build up my meditations to 20 minutes a day (and then do it twice a day).

  77. Fast for 10 days.(Master Cleanse)

  78. Make a list of menus every week.

  79. Go on a white water rafting trip.

  80. Try skiing for the first time.

  81. Take a tennis class.

  82. Complete a Triathalon

  83. Use moisturizer.

  84. Go to an Astros Spring training game.

  85. See the Astros at Wrigley Field.

  86. Try scuba diving.

  87. Research different energy companies.

  88. Fix our leaky toilets.

  89. Load my music onto my MP3 player.

  90. Launch my own business in art.

  91. Paint the ceiling in my bathroom.

  92. Finish the hardwood floor edging.

  93. Sell something every day for 30 days on Ebay.

  94. Move the rest of my belongings out of Mom's house.

  95. Sketch in my sketchbook every day for 30 days.

  96. Make a wedding topper.

  97. Make a luggage tag.

  98. Take Gizmo to a dog park.

  99. Go to Destin, Florida.

  100. Go to a triathlon camp.

  101. Make a new set 101 goals at the end of 1001 days. :)