Friday, August 15, 2008

Guess who is BACK?

Back again. Jenny's back. Tell a friend.

Not sure why the long drought. But nevertheless, I am ready to start back up again for my Friday night rambles. We went to a wedding last weekend in New Jersey. It was beautiful. In the mountains, 78 degrees. It was so nice. We were stranded in Newark for a couple of days while trying to get home. That part was not so fun. But we made the best of it. We decided to go into Manhattan Sunday night and visit our buddy Sean, and that is where we watched the USA relay race live, when they beat those smack talking Frenchies. To hear the bar go crazy gave me instant goosebumps.

We had to go through Austin to eventually get home. I had to push a day of work to later in the month. But we made it back. And all is well again. My aunt Claire had a heart attack this week. Gave everyone a real scare. She is okay and recovering nicely. Thank goodness!

I am supposed to run 5 miles tomorrow. Yes, you read that correctly. The part I am worried about is I havent been able to keep up my conditioning runs this week. So I hope all goes well. I stayed home tonight from going to the Astros game so I can get to bed early and have plenty of rest tomorrow and I sure hope that rest will pay off.