Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Come Out of Hiding Superwoman

When I was flying as a flight attendant, and I knew people were full of disappointment due to a delay of some sort, I was the type that just wanted to hide in the galley (a mini kitchen area on a plane) and not come out.

When I have a bad day, my first instinct is to hide under the covers of my bed. Somehow, the blankie would be a special shield from all my problems.

And when I tell the world in a blog about my dreams and goals and I do not follow through, I don't post for 2 weeks.

What do you say when you have no motivation to get out of bed to go swim, spin or run?

What do you say when the weight slowly starts creeping back up and you start eating whatever you feel like?

What do you say when the meditating drops off after 2 days, and the daily water intake goal of "half my body weight" falls flat?

Well, I didn't say anything.  But I did hide.

Maybe coach will forget who I am?  Maybe my readers will forget I started a blog with all these grand ideas?  Maybe I should stop everything for a while and blend into a wall?

Maybe I should stop being so hard on myself.

 Just maybe...this is all normal.

And instead of fighting it...I should embrace it.

I was a little down about not riding in the 55 mile bike ride in Manvel this past Sunday.  I had to cancel because I had some early symptoms of a cold but it wasnt until Monday evening that all my symptoms were completely gone.  I then realized it could have been only allergies.

I started to sulk as I looked at it as another lost training opportunity.

So my dear friend posted some wonderful advice to me. "There's a reason why things like this happen. Maybe you were going to crash and injure yourself if you rode in Manvel or something. Maybe your "allergies" were protecting you. "God" works in mysterious ways." 

Wow. Yeah. She is right.  I will never know for sure.

But I do know, that I would have missed out on some amazing chocolate banana pancakes that my Charlie cooked for breakfast.  Yum!

I would have missed a much needed lazy Sunday.  Sleeping in.  Keeping my PJ's on most the day.  Getting caught up on rest and piddling around the house.  Definitely a precious time spent with family. 

So, alas there is a beauty in hiding.  And I should not be ashamed.

Remember, when Christopher Reeve in Superman, lost his powers?  He also went into hiding.

Even Superman had a weakness.  But we still rooted for him. 

An important lesson was learned from stepping back for awhile.  It is not such a bad thing.

It only makes coming back, that much sweeter.