Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Goals for 2012

Happy new year!!  This is my year.  My 37th birthday will be on 12-12-12.  So it is time to go big.  2011 was so good to me but this year will be even better.  I have come up with 12 goals I plan to accomplish.  And boy, it is going to be a busy one!

1.       Complete a full Ironman. I am signed up for Ironman Texas in May. I start training today.  Oh Lordy!
2.       I will go 30 days of eating vegan.  I did this last year and felt so good.  I am also starting today using the Kickstart program.
3.       Simplify.  I want to get rid of excess stuff.  Purge, purge and purge.  Each month I will focus on a different room of my house.  I am fascinated with the minimalist lifestyle
4.       30 days of not eating out. Yup, started this month.  Charlie and I have a bet going on.  The money we save will go to repairing our finances. 
5.       Which leads to…cleaning up our finances.  This means tracking our spending, creating a budget and stop using credit cards.  The basics.  I have always been fascinated with investing.  Somehow I have lost my way. I will be following this post as my guide.
6.       I will get my Comptia A+ Certification. One of the big changes as the result of the airline merger was a change in departments with my company. I am now in technology.  Time to focus my attention on developing those skills.
7.       I would like to develop my blog. Write more…at least weekly.  Document my progress on these goals.
8.       I am going to keep my promises. If I say I will show up every day at 8 am, I will do so. Every day.
9.       I am going to organize our photos.  I need to pay more attention to our memories.  Create photo books, or print our photos to put on our walls.
10.   I will ensure I carve out time for my loved ones.  With all the training for Ironman in the next six month, I want to make sure I do not neglect my peeps.   
11.   I am going to seek out habits that help me overcome fear or inertia. Destroy those that do the opposite.  One of those habits will be to focus on becoming a morning person, another attempt at my goal from 2011.
12. My spiritual life has been seriously neglected.  I want to practice meditation again and focusing on the present. I am going to jump start this by participating in Winter Feast for the Soul

Okay, I am telling the world my goals to give me accountability and for the sheer possibility to have company if we share common goals. I know I am going to need the support. I am buckling up for a bumpy ride.

The destination will be well worth it.