Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekends and holidays?

Well, it seems like much has happened in a week. I might be changing jobs. Nope. Not from being a flight attendant, but from being an instructor. There is an opening to work in the Regulatory and Compliance department. I would be writing and updating the flight attendant manual. That part might not be so exciting but the part of investigating accidents and incidents on the airplane would be. It would be a 12 month pull. So basically, I remain a flight attendant, but I will be working in an office. I would learn tenfold. And I would get weekends and holidays off. Weekends and holidays. I just love the sound of that. And if they cutback on jobs, they will always need a person to write manuals. (That is, if that big merger happens...but of course, it is not.)

So I am going to apply. They announced the position today. This also means, I would also be giving up teaching. That part will be tough to let go. And I will be giving up the photography job. That was never a guarantee though...and that would only be for a couple of months. So this changes the name of the game. Should I still join toastmasters to learn public speaking? I will not be dealing with people is this still worth pursuing?

This will be something to think about.

The job is supposed to start March 1. So if I get the job, I will know something soon. I will keep you posted. What ever will be will be.