Friday, October 17, 2008

Back on Track

I feel like I am back in a groove again. I have a renewed interest in fitness and nutrition. I went to a birthday party 2 weeks ago and my friend is working on obtaining her license to become a personal trainer. I checked out her book and my interest is peaked. The thick book actually looked interesting. But I dismissed the thought as another Jenny fad, and after researching it some more, I decided not to pursue it.

Since that party, I have been reading about different nutrition plans and I found one on adding green smoothies to the diet. Now what is a "green smoothie"? It is a blended drink with spinach, banana and any fruit of your choice. Although it may look gross, it tastes just like the fruit you added to it. I drank it all week and boy did I get looks at work. I found it entertaining.

Tonight, at boot camp we had a substitute instructor. She was so cool. She is what I envision fitness trainers to be. She was very fit and knowledgeable. She teaches classes to pre-teen girls to boost their self esteem and educate them on nutrition and taking care of themselves. What an amazing way to make a difference. Especially with the high pressures of growing up in Kingwood. I am definitely inspired.

So I had an inkling to go for the personal training path but then I talked myself out of it (after the birthday party 2 weeks ago). Then tonight happened again, I meet Melissa (the boot camp sub), and now I have another strong urge to go for it again. Is this the universe giving me a nudge? I feel all lit up inside. Now seriously, if I am going to do this, I have to keep up the work outs. I can not be a trainer and be out of shape. If I am going to preach what I teach, I have to be the example to follow. If I really want this, I will do this all the way.

And speaking of signs, a lady at work wants to hire me to paint her daughter's nursery. The art always keeps coming. Even when one door opens, like the day care project (I was laid off so to say), another one always opens. I still need to start the drawing of the little boy. I hope to start this weekend. I need to start this weekend. I have to get back on track. I can do this.