Friday, October 10, 2008

Top 10 Things I Learned from IKE

Well, another long hiatus.  Hurricane Ike really knocked me off my rhythm. But I am slowly coming back.  Here is what I learned while being out of power for 13 days.

  1. You really can live without technology.  I did not miss TV at night.  Playing scrabble and board games at night was fun.  We would eat outside until dark and then play games by candle light. I will miss that.

  2. Kids do play outside.  I went for a run one night and I was amazed at all the parking lots filled with kids playing soccer, or football.  And many just riding bikes.  And the people on the greenbelts.  Everyone was outside.  It was beautiful.

  3. Fans are a wonderful invention.  I actually did not mind sleeping with the window open with no air conditioning.  But the hard part was not having air move.  I sweat buckets.  And the night I had with the little fan, was such a happy night's rest.  Since we have recovered, I went out to buy battery operated fans.  It will be the one thing I will not go without next time.

  4. Hubby turns into a bear during power outages.  My happy-go-lucky husband is a force to be reckoned with no power over 3 days.  I will be shipping him off to his family in New Jersey the next time a hurricane threatens Houston but he does not know this yet.  Hee hee.

  5. Family is a beautiful blessing.  Charlie's family pitched in to buy us a generator.  They blew me away with their kindness and generosity.  I will always be grateful for their sweet thoughtfulness.

  6. Go easy on the freezer.  We threw away so MUCH food.  It was ridiculous how much we hoarded.

  7. Our house did not flood.  Our complex had over 2 feet of water, but not a drop touched our building.  And the river crested to 25 feet.  I need to buy rubber boots.

  8. Next time we go bike riding after a storm, I need to bring a camera to document the adventure.  It was so much fun dodging trees and jumping branches.  Like a video game!

  9. Gizzy can bark all night long at Mom's.  I have never been so embarrassed  of the behavior of our baby.

  10. I missed sleeping with Charlie and having connection.  Since the power went out, it was too hot to sleep next to each other.  I thrashed and flopped to cool off.  Charlie had to sleep downstairs to find the coolest part of the house.   So we had to sleep separately.  I missed his little butt in our own comfy bed. I only appreciated him more once we were back in the townhome again.

So, yes, we are spoiled.  We have a new appreciation for power.  Now the economy is crashing.  But slowly the world is coming back together again.  I am still running and doing the boot camp.  Getting up at 4:55am isnt happening anymore though.  I am just going to the 6:30pm one instead.  Which I enjoy because I get to work out with the Continental group and they are a hoot.  Still gotta work on the eating though.  One of these days, I will be ready to focus on diet.  And I will start by longer eat Taco Bell.