Friday, July 3, 2009

My Best Holiday

The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday and it is due to a combination of things. It is the one holiday that does not have the pressures of buying a gift.  You get to hang out with friends or family...swimming....barbecuing...or just sitting around the back porch.  The day usually ends with a gorgeous, hazy, hot summer day sunset.  Topped off with a display of fireworks.  A celebration telling  you have made it mid-summer.  If you get the patriotic music while the fireworks shoot off, that is only an added bonus.  Always sends chills down my spine. The music always makes me  feel so blessed to live in this beautiful country.

I always wanted a first kiss on Fourth of July.  Call me cheesy...but I always thought it would be cool to kiss while the fireworks went off .  I had one date back in the day with a firework kiss.  We went to an Astros game (talk about American pie) and then went to a picnic with fireworks.  It was so dreamy but it wasn't my happily ever after. Just another happy memory in my book.

Another memorable Fourth was also at a baseball game.  Astros vs. Phillies at Veteran's Stadium.  Best firework display in my life.  I think I was 11.  American flag caugh on fire from one of the fireworks.  I will never forget that ending.

In fact, we went to New Jersey quite often for the Fourth.  As a family, we would walk to the banks of the Deleware river and compare Philly fireworks to Wilmington, DE fireworks.  We could see both shows from the riverside.  I lived for those days.

South Padre Island. Louie's Backyard. Sunset. Fireworks. Best friends. Need I say more?

South Padre Island, take 2. Coconuts. My first Fourth of July with Charlie, my happily-ever-after.

Fourth of July is the only holiday I have never had to work.  Even when I was on reserve...I never had to fly. My lucky day I tell ya!  LUCKY!

Some years, it is just watching fireworks from our local Metro parking lot...speeding away as the finale ends so we do not get stuck in traffic.

Last year we were in New Braunfels and I watched the fireworks from the balcony of the condo. Friends. Swimming (Toobing down the river for some of us).  And of course, BBQ.

This year, we do not have any plans.  Just a quiet day at home.  Maybe we will go swimming. Or for a bike ride.  Eat some BBQ and of course, I will not miss those fireworks!

It makes my summer simply majestic. Best holiday ever!