Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bike Assement Round 1

We met out in Huffman tonight for my timed bike assessment. 

I had never rode out there before.  Last summer, I went to a girls night out with the ladies from the Kingwood Triathlon club and they all had stories to share about how when they bike in the country, there are dogs that come out and chase them.  One of the ladies took a pretty bad fall due to one of them.  Granted, the dog only licked her face after he knocked her down, but it was still enough to scare me from going out there.

So again, I was secretly hoping the event would cancel and as usual it was only wishful thinking.

I can be such a scaredy cat sometimes.

Of course, once I got going, I really enjoyed myself.  (Shaking head.)

Thankfully, there were no dogs on this stretch of road that we chose.  And I was able to hammer on the open road.  I only had the wind against me, and even that wasn't too bad, until I took the right turn into the wind tunnel.  I burned my legs and lungs to the max.  I wanted to know that I gave it all I got.  So when I take the test again in 3 weeks, I can see how much I really improved.  The course was 8 miles.  The route was 2 miles going East, then you turn South and go 2 miles and then you return going the other way.

2 Miles East: 18 mph/7:15
2 Miles South 14mph/7:45
2 Miles North 21mph/7:00
2 Miles West 18 mph/7:15
Total:  17.5mph/29:15

I took off yesterday after the triathlon.  Tomorrow I start the strength training.

Week one assessments with the swim, bike and run are over.

It is time to take off the gloves and get dirty!