Monday, August 29, 2011

Minor Setback

So I went to Boeing last week in Everett, Washington (just outside of Seattle).  Had the most amazing business trip ever with a tour of the Boeing factory, ate lots of delicious food every day, enjoyed the cool temperatures and green wilderness with snow capped mountains.  Sigh.

Tried to run up there, but after being offered a ride from a drunk dude coming out of the casino next door to the hotel, I was no longer comfortable with my surroundings.  I tried to run, but I had a hard time relaxing and I was paranoid about every stranger (a.k.a random creepy dudes) around me.  My run was more of a run/walk and then I used the resistance band inside my hotel room. 

A mediocre workout at best.

This was last Wednesday.

I returned to Houston early Friday morning, ready to turn it up again after work when Hurricane Irene derailed my plans. 

Wait, didn't you say you were in Houston?  Yeah, but when working for the airline business, any hurricane impacting a major airport that we run out of, effects every employee.  It was a night of working late, with all hands on deck.

Saturday...blah day.  Overslept my alarm and napped on and off all day.  I blamed it on the time change. 

Sunday, I will start the day as a superstar.

My body had other plans for me.  Migraine knocked at my door accompanied by his best friend Vomiting.  Pestered me all day. Not the day I had in mind.

So you would think, I would be ready to throw my hands up and surrender, right?

Not when you have the most amazing tri coach to help you put things in perspective.  In her eyes, this is minor in the whole scheme of things.  She thinks I will come back bigger and better with all the rest I am getting.  With a whole year of working hard towards a goal...what is one week?

I am going to listen to her, and listen to my body.  After all, isn't this all just a mental game?

Of course it is.

You have not defeated me yet, Mr. Half Ironman.

Oh no, if I am going down, I am going down swinging!