Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Midterm Progress Report: 70.3 Training

I am about halfway through my half marathon training.  I am feeling pretty good.  I had a couple of setbacks with my blister infection and migraine issues but I don't think it put me behind as much as I thought it did. 

I feel this need to stand back and reassess.

Swimming:  C+
I think I had a break through last Saturday.  After a 10 mile run, I had to swim 1200 meters without stopping.  And what do you know, I did it!  It went better than I thought.  Except for goggle adjusting, I did not stop to catch my breath.  I am finally swimming without feeling like suffocating.  Now if only I can replicate this in open water.  My goal for the 2nd half of training is to get my butt out to 288 Lake more often!  At least I have a couple of triathlons to get me started in the month of August.

Biking: B
I am feeling really good about the bike.  I feel ahead of the game with my training.  I rode 55 miles at the Katy Flatlands and my legs were strong.  I definitely need to get more hill work in there.  And keep pushing the distance.  Biking has become my strongest leg.  I am having to give up my sleep-in Sunday mornings to get my long rides in...and that is probably the most challenging part of the training. My inner child is throwing a fit.

Running: B-
Kingwood Fit has started up again.  It definitely helps to have my buds at my side.  I don't know how I would be getting through these runs without them.  I felt a huge challenge in my last 10 mile run but I blamed it on the fact I took a week and a half off to let me foot heal.  I need to start pushing the pace to the next level.  Step out of my comfort zone.  I also need to find some hills to tackle. 

Strength Training:  F
I am skipping many of my strength training workouts.  I feel so guilty about this.  I need to dig deep for the motivation.  I signed up for boot camp mid July and that went well.  But I have not done a push-up or a plank since and that was 3 weeks ago.  I have no excuse for my slacking.  None.

Diet: D
I am not happy with my diet habits.  I have only dropped 3 pounds since I started training.  All the added time of working out is making my appetite go through the roof.  I am always hungry!!  I wanted to go through a week of juicing.  Failed.  I wanted to go a week without sweets and sugar.  Failed that too.  I still tend to overeat at meals and feel like this is where my lack of discipline is rearing its ugly head.  I need to go back to planning mode and focus on eating healthier meals. That said...I need to stop eating out so much.  Ugh.

Overall: C
I see my body toning up and it feels pretty good. I am not where I wanted to be by this point, but I am not in a bad place either.  I can see how there is so much room for improvement.  The good news is, I still have time to do it.  I still would like to be 10 pounds lighter for my racing weight, but to do that...I really need to focus on the diet aspect of training.  The workouts are getting longer and tougher and I know it is only going to get harder.  I need to flip the switch and turn it up a level.  If this is only the training for a Half Ironman, I can not even imagine doubling this for a full Ironman. 

I bow to you, all those Ironmen out there.  I am in awe of you. 

There is a mental side of training that I was not expecting.  The part that wants to freak out and say, "What the H, double hockey sticks, are you doing???"  Why are you getting up at 4:20am to run 10 miles on a Saturday and swim 1200 meters afterward; only to get up the following Sunday and do a 3 hour bike ride with hills followed by another 20 minute run?  Yeah.

It is pure torture to look back each morning and see Charlie all cozy in bed with Gizmo curled up next to him. And each day you try not to collapse back into bed. It is almost like your mind is doing mental pushups every day.

Every day, there is the challenge to complete each workout without cheating, without skipping, without modification.  Each workout turns into its own mini victory. Somehow, you just keep going...one workout at a time. 

And each day, I say a little prayer that somehow if I just keep trucking, I will be ready when I get there.  Here goes part 2 of the training plan.  Have MERCY!