Thursday, February 9, 2012

Insert Fork Here.

Yeah, stick a fork in me.  I am done.

I made it to Masters this morning.  Kicked butt on the flip turn.  Yeeee-ah.

I had my nutrition appointment today and while I was at the gym, the instructor asked me if I was coming to bootcamp.

After swimming this morning, I had not planned on it but now I am feeling the pressure.

So...I went to bootcamp and we worked back and abs.

I am going to hurt the next 3 days.

Ran 4.4 miles at the track tonight afterward and grateful to beat the cold rain.  Good conversation always makes the miles fly by.

A good training day...but now I don't want to move.

So back to the nutritionist appointment.  I told him my dream goal was to lose 10 pounds by the Ironman.  He responds by telling me it can be done by the end of March.

Now for the hardest part...the eating discipline.

Game on.