Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Add Dancing...and Some Cabernet Please

-I rode my new Kurt Kinetic bike trainer tonight as I watched The Middle and Modern Family.  It is nice to have a night home, watch my shows and not suffer the guilt of skipping my workout.  I could get used to this trainer bit. And thank goodness, Charlie is okay with me turning the living room into my race world.  I have my own personal wind machine, a table for all my remotes (fan, audio, TV and cell phone) and my water.

-I went out last night and had 2 glasses of wine (or was it 3?).  I was going to try and go the entire Ironman training season without drinking alcohol but I caved under social pressure.  Sometimes social mingling is too much for me and I need my buddy Cabernet to help me over the hump.  Thank goodness I was not hungover this morning...just really, really tired.  I am sure it will really will its ugly head when I get up tomorrow at 4:15am for Masters class.

-Galveston Half marathon was this past Sunday.  My worst weather conditions ever but I am a survivor. Stay tuned to another race report coming soon.

-I meet with the nutritionist tomorrow night.  Time to get serious again about the diet.  Ugh.

-Superbowl party this year was awesome.  Caught up with old friends.  Giants won.  And playing with my little nephew just rocked.

-I forget how much I like dancing.  It is such an awesome way to sweat.  Note to self:  I must find a way to add more dancing in my life.