Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cold November Rain

Funny, how life can feel so crazy  that I think all I need is a full day to get caught up on life. When that day finally comes where there is nothing on the calendar, all I want to do is sit and watch the rain fall.  I have no motivation or desire to complete the tasks I need to move forward.  Why is this?

But when it gets busy again, which it will get over the holidays, I will long for another day like this.

Post Ironman reflection.  2013 was not my year for another 140.6 mile Ironman medal.

Will I try again?

Yes, but I need to take at least a year off.

2014 will only have a couple of 70.3 races in it.

So I have been doing some reflecting of where I am at and where I want to be. I have been attending quite a bit of seminars and submersing my mind in new knowledge.  I have been searching for a new direction and programming my brain with fresh thoughts and ideas.

So of course, being the visual person that I am, I found an illustration to sum up exactly where I am at on a figurative map. Here is the cycle of life, courtesy of what I have learned from Dani Johnson.

First, I had to let my previous crop die.  This precious harvest was my goal of completing an Ironman.  I accomplished what I set out for in 2012 but I did not want that glory to end in 2013.  I tried to make the crop live forever and by doing so I have felt empty and lost.  The drive that once was pushing me was gone and I was trying to force life into something that was already dead.  It took me almost the entire year to realize what I was doing.

I have finally accepted that my crop is dead.

I am now focused on selecting some new crops.  I am looking to plant 3 of them, as a matter of fact, and I am at the point of preparing the earth for planting.

I am going to focus my crops on three main areas.  Business. Wealth. Health.

Business.  I am ready to be my own boss.  Set my own hours and work from home.  I do not want to depend on a corporation to put a cap on my salary. To do this, I need to focus my time on education on some business skills.  I am giving this crop 7 years to be ready for harvest in other words, this is my longest term goal that will take the most time.

Wealth.  I no longer want to be slave to Mastercard and Visa.  I will learn how to manage what I have now So I may be entrusted with more. The crop will be ready for harvest in 2 years.

Health.  So yes, I have learned to swim and conquered 2.4 miles.  I did this 2 more times in each of the Ironmans I did not cross the finish line.  I am officially out of my comfort zone with swimming.  So what is the next thing I dislike doing?

Weight and/or Strength Training.  

I also dislike cooking.  One huge thing I learned in Ironman training is that you can workout out several hours a week....but weight does not fall off (as a woman at least) unless the diet changes too.  So the question is, can I be in the same shape I was while training for an Ironman but with less time I invested doing cardio?   Well, I will not know for sure unless I try and focus on my diet and building muscle.

I am going to be experimenting with several workout DVDs until I find something that calls to me and I want to get certified in.  It seems crazy right now to become a P90X instructor but not impossible.

My health goal will be set in shorter increments.  Every quarter I want a harvest and be prepared to plant again.  Each  quarter, I reevaluate where I am at and then up it another level.  The body must be at its optimum level in order for the other 2 harvests (goals) to come to fruition.