Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 1 of P90X3: It Begins

P90X3.  It begins.

Charlie and I started it earlier than January 6th since he is out of school.  We figured we might as well get the stiffness out of the way while he was still on vacation.

We get into our workout gear.  We take the obligatory photos.  You are not supposed to suck it in. I cheated and sucked in.  But it was all in vain.  The photos were still scary.

We move out one of our TVs to the garage and I spend 30 minutes on technical difficulties getting the DVD hooked up.

So much for starting at 8:15pm.

Finally, 2 TVs, 4 different connector cords and a mini- DVD player later....8:45PM start.

Bellies jiggling.  Pause button.  Gasping for air.  Falling over.  Pause button.  Groans.  Cries.  3 inch pull up (that was Jenny).  Drunks trying to keep our balance.  Light headedness (that is word, right?). Hot messes.

Longest 30 minutes EVER.

I am sure we were entertaining.  Thank the heavens it was only the two of us in the privacy of our garage. It definitely has to get better than this because it certainly can not get any worse.  Or so we hope.

Bottom line. It was not glamorous and it was tough but we did it.

30 minutes may have turned into 90 minutes with all our technical difficulties, pausing the DVD for air, and re-doing a couple of workouts.  We were supposed to keep a log of our weights but the printer malfunctioned.  We could have thrown up our hands at all the obstacles and just say it was not meant to be.

BUT...we preserved and got 'er done.

And for that I am proud. It may not have been pretty but we took a step forward.

Total Synergistics complete.  1 day down...89 more days to go.