Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Belated St. Patty!

Yes, yes, I know. I missed my first Monday of my blog writing. This will not be the norm, I promise. I had unexpected company come in on Sunday and of course, we went out for St. Patty's day. So yesterday was not a day to sit on a computer. Charlie and I actually went out this time. I had a really nice time, SOBER, might I add. I was designated driver. It was a blast people watching...and there were some interesting characters out that night.

For some reason, I have been really grouchy these past few days. Ever since I started working on my taxes. Talk about a Debbie downer. Work is going well. On Monday I was able to spend the day on my new position. Love it so far. And the rest of this week is going to be testing in a metal tube. (Classroom in an airplane) So it is going to be a long stretch until Easter. We finally did our grocery shopping tonight. I am ready to get back on track with eating healthy again.

And since this blog is about my goals. I am struggling with my focus. The books I am reading suggest focusing on one thing at a time until it becomes established. But it is difficult to choose only one. Here are the ones I want to work on. De-clutter. Work on my art every night. Cook more at home. Save more money. Run/workout 5 times a week. Eat healthier. They are all important to me. Problem is, my energy is so spread out, that I am not successful with any of them. So my decision is: indecision. And I am not happy with that either. So I need to figure out a plan soon. Time is a ticking and every moment is precious.