Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainy day Monday

A cold front came through today. And so came the rain. I took my car to the shop since the "Check Engine" light came on again today. Second time this year. And we have only had 2 complete months in 2008. This time I did my research, and discovered that Honda put a malfunctioning throttle unit in the 2nd generation Honda CRVs. I am hoping that this will mean Honda will pay for it. My customer loyalty is on the line. I hope to find the verdict tomorrow.

My class starts tomorrow. Class 2 of 2008. I am so excited to teach. This could be my last initial class ever. SO, I will enjoy every moment of it.

Lacy wants to go to Vegas for her birthday. I want to take Charlie. He has no itch to go. First man ever, I think, in the history of men, who could care less about going to Vegas.

I got the stomach flu last week. It was evil. So last week was basically worthless. But alas, it is a new month. Wait! It is the ground hog day of March! (3/3) So that means I have evaluate my goals and where I stand (one of my 1001 goals).

The Deepak Chopra lecture was amazing last Friday. He came out in red sparkly glasses and bright red sneakers (tennis shoes!) He was an engaging speaker. He mainly talked about his new book, The Third Jesus, and everyone in the audience received a copy of the book. It was so liberating to go there alone. I left feeling my spirit had been renewed. I definitely need to regroup and refocus on those goals. Which reminds me, the Eckhart Tolle webcast is on and I have already missed the first 30 minutes. I am off to go check that out....