Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Slowly coming out of...

THE FUNK. I am still not working out. Not eating any better either. But today I had a wonderful lunch with a friend of mine that was over 3 hours. Time just flew by. I had such a nice time. I was not even hard on myself for not getting everything done I needed to get done on my only day off.

I started a new drawing yesterday.

My class graduated this past Thursday. I already miss them.

I biked 27 miles in Galveston this past weekend. My butt hurt for 3 days.

Charlie registered for school. We are officially broke.

I played catcher for the first time in our softball game. AND I actually enjoyed it.

New job is going well besides the fact I have been low on energy all week.

I am just chugging along slowly and surely.  I am checking out a new gym tomorrow.  I know working out will get rid of this funk in its entirety.  I just feel it.