Friday, May 16, 2008


Don't let the title fool you...even though I haven't been writing in my blog on my usual day, I have not been slacking off. I starting running again. I ran 4 days this week. I had my ups and downs but I am just so proud that I am out of the starting blocks. AND I started another drawing as well. And this weekend I am going to start painting the daycare. I know it has only been one week and that I do not have the longest track record but it is definitely a good start. Why all of this motivation, one might ask? Well, it just might be the haircut I got last week. I had my lady cut it just below my chin. Or maybe it is my pretty pink planner, so far, it is getting used, and daily too!  :)

We will leave for Cayman in one week. In one week!!! I am so excited. Although, we just discovered it will be cut short for a few days, nevertheless it is a well deserved break. Vacations are always well deserved! A time where we can all be true slackers...