Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chicky Change.

Wow! I did not realize so much time has passed since my last post. And Charlie tried to tell me...whoops!

So what is new?

Mom has left for Tucson for her annual vacation. She will be gone 2 weeks.

I scored an awesome second job. My friend's sister has built a new daycare building and GUESS who is going to paint it? This place is huge and I will get to paint something creative in all the rooms. My first room is the movie room and I am thinking of doing a Drive-In theme, with movies under the stars.

Man or woman was not designed to sit around and do nothing. So why is it so damn easy!!! I must get off my rump! And when I finally do, it feels good to do manual labor, to accomplish something and to get your hands dirty...

Speaking of doing, I bought a new planner this past weekend. And as Charlie jokes, I am motivated all over least for another 3 weeks. I have visions of working on my 101 goals all over again. This planner is pink. And so pretty. So time will tell.

I am feeling the need for change. Like a little chicky poking out of its shell...slowly but surely the cage sets her free. That chicky, my friend, is me. I need to poke at a time. And I think this change is going to start with a new hair-do this Friday. What is it about hair? You change your hair, you change your life.

Oh, if it were only that simple.