Friday, June 20, 2008

Happiest day of the year...

I overheard a girl at work today say that the first day of summer is supposed to be the happiest day of the year.  It is also the longest day of the year (and my brother's wedding anniversary...Happy Anniversary, Bro! ).  Summer solstice.  It makes me wonder.  Who decided that this was the happiest day?  Isnt that a rather personal, and a relative decision?  It makes me picture, this little person, who stands up and declares, today, is the happiest day of the year, and everyone agrees and says, "Excellent, so be it!"

Although, I did laugh my butt off at work.  So it was a rather happy day.  I had a decent workout, and a nice walk with the hubby. I had the stomach flu this week, so after going through that misery, I cant complain about too much.  I am just happy to be ALIVE!  :)