Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, I guess I hit my first slump of my exercise streak. I did not give up and I still went to the gym, but man, I really had to dig at finding the motivation. We went to Washington DC last weekend and both Charlie and I had very little sleep. I am curious, if the lack of sleep, is what caused my slump or drinking coffee twice in one week (I hardly ever drink coffee). Or could it be the 2 beers I had at the concert? It could be any of the above or all of the above. I just hope this tiredness gets out of my system soon...otherwise, training is not going to last much longer.

So what amazing things did I learn this week? Well, I read an article on raw foods and learned that cooked food is addicting. That is such an abstract concept to me. Cooked food is not good for the body. I am trying to be open minded but I just cant figure out what the pros are on that one.

I must say, I am enjoying the cooking aspect more than I expected I would. The has done wonders for our dinners. It tells me exactly what to buy. The meals are super easy to cook, quick and very tasty. I love that I can just leave the directions for Charlie and he can help with meals too. Except for tonight, he just was not feeling well, and I know all too well how that feels.

Well, since I am so tired, I am headed to bed early for a Friday night. Till next time...