Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to reality again...

We came home this past Sunday, and I was ready to come home.  We had a wonderful time but it was so nice to just have one more day to sleep in our OWN bed.  We were able to start the week refreshed and ready to go.

Oh, but what a long week it was...I made some big changes in my lifestyle.  I joined a gym.  I worked out 4 days this week.  I am still trying to run a full 30 minutes.  It is definitely taking longer than expected, but I am not giving up.  I also (this is a big one) did not eat out all week.  That was the hardest act for me to follow.  It has helped to have a friendly competition with Charlie on who can save the most money by not eating out this summer.  The deadline is Labor day.  So far, I am beating him by $7.00. Go me! I just hope this challenge gets easier.  Making my lunch every night is taking some serious discipline.

We are also planning to cook more at home, with the weekends as a time to eat out if we so choose.  This week went well.  So far so good.  All we have to do is just keep it up.  :)