Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unexplainable Happiness

Today was a day of contentment.

Usually I notice days of sadness without really understanding why but today my heart was full.

It is rare to have an entire day like this.

My birthday is in 2 more days.  Could this be it?

I love birthdays.

Unexplainable happiness.

All day long.

I did not make it to swim at 5am this morning but I did go after dinner.  Nice long swim alone.

And I did make my run yesterday.  Yes, hip still sore but I ran on a dirt track with friends and that seemed to have helped with the pain.  It faded away after a mile.

33 weeks until Ironman Lake Placid.

21 days until the 55 Hour Ultra.

Week 1: 2 hours swim/2 hours bike/3 hours run (7 HOURS TOTAL)