Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winning...3 day Streak

Whoop.  I have 3 day workout streak.  Spin. Swim. Spin.

Look at me now.

Well...let's just wait to see if I make it swim tomorrow morning before celebrating.

I still have not gotten my runs in this week and I am supposed to run a marathon on Saturday.

Yeah, so this one may hurt, but at least I will get another state medal. I am slowly working my way up to the 50 States Marathon Club.

1. California ('11) -Big Sur
2. Pennsylvania ('11) -Philly
3.Texas ('12) - Houston
4. Florida ('13)- Disney Goofy Challenge
5. New Jersey ('13) -Asbury Park
6. Virginia ('13) -Marine Corp
7. Arizona ('14)- Lost Dutchman

Louisiana will be number #8.  Baton Rouge Beach Marathon

I signed up because there is a cute little chicken that is on the shirt and medal.

Need I say more??