Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 1: Deja Vu

Here we go again...

I woke up angry at my alarm.  I am so amazed at this alter ego that seems to come out in the morning, and man, she is mean! She cusses at me.  She throws things.  She claws and scratches at my psyche...and does whatever she can do to get me to go back to sleep.  No wonder I can not get out of bed.  My alter ego is quite the bully and she spares no expense.

Regardless of the beating, I managed to get my butt up to make it through another grueling swimming workout in Masters class.  I was a few minutes late and I braced myself to get an earful, but surprisingly, the coach did not say a single word. 

On the other hand, my swim mate teased me telling me that she thought I was not going to show this morning and she was already thinking "Oooooh, she is gonna geeeeet it!". 

As requested, I invested in a set of fins. Immediately I had to put those fins on and swim a 400 meter fast freestyle.  So much for the warm up.  I was out of breath and my ankles were complaining.  We did another series of 400's/300's yards of alternating kicks, breaststroke, mermaid back kicks (best way to describe it) and more freestyle. 

Nevertheless, all complaining aside, I survived another class.

The last 300 yards of freestyle the coach asks me if I am ready for a flip turn. 

Seriously?  Already?  I stared back blankly.  Did he not see me almost drown....twice?!?!

Yeah, not so much.

Okay, he says.  Maybe another time.