Thursday, February 24, 2011

Definition of Insanity

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  -Albert Einstein

I love this quote.  I repeat it to myself quite often.

I am running a half marathon in Surfside, TX this Saturday and I have another organized bike ride on Sunday.

Yes, I know I just did this last weekend.  And the weekend before.

Why do I do this?  Am I crazy?  I get this all the time.

And to me, the answer is easy.

I do it because I can.

If I lost my legs tomorrow, I would miss that one last run in the sunset.

The sounds of the crunch of leaves in the fall.

The still silence of the winter and the symphony of frogs in the summer.

The sparkling light bouncing on the January naked branches of the trees or the tease of the sun through the leaves on a March day.

The smell of burning wood and yummy dinners cooking as I run through the neighborhood.

The deep conversations with my running buddies as we contemplate the details of our mini soap operas.

The roaming fog on the glass lake moments before a sun rise.

When I bike, I am still a kid racing home before curfew.  The spirit soars.  A sense of freedom.

When my legs struggle and burn as I climb up a hill, I feel a sense of gratitude that they are being used to capacity.

When I swim, I am weightless in the water.  I stretch and feel my body extend and grow as I effortlessly glide through the water.  I am aware of every breath I take.

I run, bike and swim like there will never be another tomorrow, and this is my last day on earth.

I am still young.  As long as I tell myself I am young, I will still be doing this in my 80's.

When I see a 70 year old cross the line of an Ironman triathlon, I tell myself, that will be me.

I remember when I was 20 and in college, and feeling timid over wearing a bikini.  I always thought I could lose a few pounds. I look back on my photos and want to yell at that kid.  All that time I wasted worrying for nothing.  If I could do 20 again, I would not worry over every little imperfection of the body.

So why not start now and cherish every year of my life?

When I am 55, I will remember this 35 year body and smile because I did not hesitate to use it. I will know that I used my body as it is was designed to be used.

I am alive. I am free. I must take advantage of my opportunities.

This weekend, I will be outdoors.  I will run to the sounds of the beach.  I will enjoy the company of my running family and then I will ride my bike again with my friend in the flat lands of Katy.

Yes, this is the same thing I did last weekend. 

And yes, I will do this again and again as long as I can.

Call me crazy?  Then, yes, maybe I am. You gotta love insanity.