Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 2: Preparing for the Big Storm

Frick! A monkey wrench was just thrown into the mix.

The Masters swim class was canceled tomorrow due to the winter storm.

I did not plan for this at all.  What the heck am I gonna do at 4:30am?

Maybe I will go for run around the long as there is no ice. Or set up my own bootcamp circuit in the garage....

I woke up this morning again as planned.  I went to spin class and ran on the treadmill afterward.  It feels so good to get a good start to the day.  But man, when it hits 9pm...I am soooo exhausted. 

By the way...getting up is the toughest part!  I am hoping that this will get easier.  If not, this is gonna be the longest 30 days ever.  You have NO idea how badly I want to sleep in tomorrow with this beautiful winter storm coming. Sigh.