Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Get Knocked Down

Yeah, I did not make it on Friday with my early morning challenge. 

I woke up.  Everything was iced.  I proceeded to get up and I did not know what to do. 

I laid back down to ponder the possibilities, and naturally, I fell back asleep.

So I have three options on how to deal with this failure.
  1. Scrap the idea completely. Beat myself up and constantly remind myself on what a LOSER I am. (Not ideal, I know)
  2. Skip a day (or 3) and keep on going.
  3. Start all over and make it 30 consecutive days.
I have chosen the final option.   I want to make it 30 days in a row.  I also want more momentum under my belt before I run into another day where I dont know what to do with myself.

So I am back to Masters swim class in the morning. 

And my alarm is set for 4:30am.

Tomorrow will be day 1. Take 2.

I had a wonderful weekend.  It was gorgeous weather and I ran the fastest 5K in years.  What a wonderful feeling! Funny, you get used to a "comfortable" pace when you run.  It really takes effort to push yourself out of the comfort zone.  Your lungs on on fire and everything hurts but to know when you are done, and that you gave it everything you had, makes it all worth it in the end.  I can see a connection on how this works in other aspects of life as well. Hmmmm....

Kingwood Fit had their pasta party last night.  We sat at a table with a couple who have run 67 marathons together and are on track to run 100 by their 40th wedding anniversary in July 2013.  What an inspiration!  That pretty much sealed the deal on my decision to run a full marathon in Houston next year. 

Might as well at least try it once or twice, right?