Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 5: I Will Survive

I made it to Friday.  I expected today to be the hardest and it was actually the easiest.

I went to bed late last night due to a jewelery party that I helped to host.

I went to bed mentally preparing for Armageddon in the morning.

Surprisingly, my alter ego barely put up a fight...and I made it to Masters swim class.

Coach D was absent this morning, but his assistant was there.  We took a different direction and focused on details such as pushing off the wall and drills to control our elbows during freestyle.

I finally attempted the flip turn.  We started by just doing somersaults in the deep end.  Over and over.

Then we had to attempt to swim toward the wall and somersault.

This is where I kept chickening out. I would get too close and panic.  Or I would launch too far away.  No successful flip turn today.

Must keep practicing.

So as a result of my 4:30am challenge, I have started each morning this week with a workout.  And I have started the 100 push-up challenge. I can feel  my body is recovering.  I am looking forward to some rest this weekend.  Really wishing I could sleep in tomorrow though...sigh.

The real challenge begins on the weekend.  4:30am.  Ugh.