Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Angel lady

So I went to an meeting called "Angel Circle" today. Basically it is 12 people who gather around in a circle and talk about where the energies of our society is headed and the changes taking place in our world today. The circle is headed by a lady I like to refer to as "The Angel lady" because she receives messages from angels. I know it is "out there" for some but I am open to many things people normally would block out. I find these things very interesting. Anyway, the coolest coincidence occurred. First let me give you a background story...

I returned last Friday from New Jersey with Charlie. As I took my jacket off, my ID badge fell out of my pocket. When we got off the plane, I was trailing behind Charlie looking for my ID. He exited security and I followed. When we got out of the employee bus I still am searching for my darn ID. I get a phone call on my cell from a gate agent who had my ID. We planned to meet at departures so that I could get my ID back.

When I get to the employee lot, now I can not find my car keys. Charlie is getting frustrated with me. I sense his frustrations and now comes Niagra Falls. I finally find my keys and we jump start my car. So when I finally meet Lori, the gate agent, I am pizza faced. What a first impression I give!

So fast forward to today. I go to the meeting and sit down next to a woman who says she knows me but we cannot figure out how we know each other. After a series of questions we discover that she is the same agent who turned in my badge. Isnt that crazy?

It was such a nice day. We had Chinese food after our meeting. The next one I will attend will be in April. I went to a Holistic net working meeting last week with my mom where the Angel Lady was the speaker. She gave the outlook according to the angels in 2008. I will eventually post the notes so I can see how the year progresses according to this point of view. Very inspiring experience and I am definitely looking forward to what is to come. Life is good!