Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home sweet home.

Gorgeous sunset tonight

Wow, I feel like I havent been home in forever. And it is COLD here! I am not used to coming home to a cold Houston. We have the fireplace going on right now. I have so much to do before our NJ trip, but today I took it easy. I will be ready to hit the ground running tomorrow. We had a lovely day today. We went for lunch at Raffas with my dear friend Phuong. I stopped by my Mom's for dinner. I am still trying to decide my wakeup time for my trial. I think I am going to wait one more day to start. Just because I want to recover from flying and then start fresh. Yeah, that sounds like a plan. One more day. :)

My pictures of the day is Gizzy sniffing out in our backyard and the sunset that we had only a few minutes later. It's SO good to be home. Sigh.

Sunshine Gizmo