Monday, January 14, 2008


Charlie and I at the Houston Half Marathon

Well, in the past week, I got in from a four day trip (Ontario-Indy-Sacramento) and the next day I hopped on a plane to NJ. I have to admit, getting on another plane was the last thing I wanted to do when I got off work but I am so glad I did. I had a great time! The weather was nice. I fell in lust with the deli sandwiches with extra oil and vinegar. I never understood the connection until I landed in Newark and Charlie took me to a local deli. I cant seem to find a sandwich here in Houston that measures up to what you can find in Jersey.

We had a nice visit with his Grandparents. Then Fab, his cousin, took us to a nice Sushi restaurant and we met his Fiance, (who was the absolute cutest.) Fab thinks there are crazies out there out to get me, so for his sake, I will protect her name to save the innocent. We had a wonderful dinner at his parents the next night. We got to see our niece Kaitlyn who will be one year old tomorrow. She was such a ham. She loves to dance to the country song, Honky Tonk, as she girates her hips. Danny's kids have grown so much as well. Charlie was kept very busy. Poor thing came down with a nasty cold though, I could tell he was having a rough time keeping up with everyone. All of this in the matter of 3 days. :)

Yesterday, was the half marathon. It is the first goal I am able to officially cross of my list. It was absolutely, without a doubt, the hardest race I have ever done. The first 10 miles were easy, it was the last 3.1 that were the longest miles of my life. Charlie and I have been hobbling around the house since we finished. But we crossed the finish line 2 hours and 55 minutes. But hey, we can finally say we have done it. And I am not quite sure yet if I will do it again...the pain I have caused my body has not been a fun side effect.

So now I have one more week of vacation. I took my car into the shop today. 700 bucks down the drain. And then there was Charlie's books for school today. Ouchie. But now I get to practice, goal #14...and repeat the mantra, there is always enough, there is always enough. Good practice, eh?