Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finish Line.

So here it is! Charlie and I running across the finish line at the half marathon. Actually, it is more like hobbling! Charlie is wearing a white and gray baseball cap and I am wearing a black sweatband.Check us out! You will see us about 20 seconds into the video.


Okay, so I have been doing a lot of reading on eating more fruits and veggies. Writing back and forth to my friend Alyssa about the benefits of cutting back on animal products. And lo and behold, what do I see on TV today but a special on Montel Williams on the importance of eating fruits and veggies. Is that not a collaboration of the universe leading me in the right direction or what? But do I listen to the messages? Well..sort of. I have brought a bag of fruit with me on this 3 day trip I have started. But then on the otherhand, I just ate some amazing BBQ next door to the hotel in New Orleans. I am a work in progress. When I get home, I am dusting the cobwebs off my dad's old juicer. And although, it is a slow start,there will always be room for improvement. So one might wonder, where is all this coming from? It is another book I have been reading called "Eat to Live" which is not about becoming a vegetarian per se, but about eating foods with a high nutrition density. So far, it has been very inspiring and it has me eating better as a result of it.

So I am on this easy trip. Tomorrow is supposed to be a hard day, but really, it wont be tough with the loads so light. I am to go MSY-EWR-IAH-SAT with a short short night in SAT. Now I know why my friend Phuong (another flight attendant) calls me all stressed out of all these airline mergers. Because it is the favorite topic among crews. We had a maintenance delay and that was the favorite topic of discussion. It drives me nuts because everything is speculation. SPECULATION PEOPLE! But oh, everyone seems to want to torture each other with the ideas of what can happen and how miserable we will be. That said, I did actually hear of some combinations I like. So at least if it is going to happen, I am going to focus my energies on the best case scenarios and not the worse case ones. Ask me in person about these combinations if you are interested, so I dont reveal these secrets to any airline spies. (wink-wink)

Oh so the cold I had became worse. I was so miserable the next few days. But I feel much better today. Good thing my colds only last 2-3 days. I dont have the patience for them to go much longer. We were able to go to the Foo Fighters last night. Oh my GOSH! Amazing show. The lead singer really knows how to put on a show. Little ole me, with my short attention span, if I dont recognize a song, I am off in la-la land. But not with this guy, he had my attention front and center, even with songs I had never heard of. We were in the Toyota Center arena (which does not have the best sound construction) but even that did not seem to matter. The stage stretched across the entire floor and the lead singer of Foo Fighters made those in the rafters (which is where we were sitting) feel as if they had front row seats. I loved it! Even feeling under the weather...I had such a great time! If they come to a city near you, you wont be sorry if you go. It was worth every penny. And it was funny how relaxed the night was. I was scheduled to work so we did not buy tickets. Luckily I landed at about 6:30PM. On the way home from Charlie picking me up from the airport, we decided to go straight there, buy tickets at the door and avoided the $25.00 convenience charge by doing so. We got there right on time since the show started at 8 and ended at 12. Everything went perfectly and we had a blast. Needless to say, we were very happy campers. It was a very good night.