Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekly update.

Wow, I cant believe a week has gone by.  I wanted to write tomorrow instead but to keep to my goal of writing in this blog at least once a week, I am committing to doing it now.  Although most of my week was spent flying, I do have some highlights to post.  Charlie and I had a really nice dinner at Phuong and Jason's on Saturday.  They had invited other guests and we really had much in common.  They were really into movies and had the same dry sense of humor that Charlie and I appreciate.  Phuong cooked a wonderful meal.  She really is amazing hostess, no matter what she says.

Sunday, I was off to Portland, but then I was in bed with the worst headache.  I slept most of the day.  I bet you are wondering, what happened to my self portrait project.  I had to start all over.  I was sick for a week and hated the pictures I took.  I never thought sick could look so scary.  I need to get over that and move on with it.  Being sick is just part of real life.

On Monday night, I was sent to Phoenix.  They put us in a hotel downtown and the Superbowl craziness had already begun.  The convention center across the street was holding a media convention and there were media peeps everywhere.

I have family that lives pretty close to the airport in Phoenix and I gave them a call, worried that it was too much trouble for them for such a short layover but of course, I worried for nothing. My Uncle came out, picked me up, and I had such a wonderful time.  I thought my cousins would be too grown up to want to hang out with me but was I ever wrong.  We ate pizza, looked at photos, played video guitar, and colored with crayons.  Time just flew by. They are such a beautiful family.

Now I am home.  Still on call for tomorrow though.  I did not get called out today and I was able to do quite a bit around the house.  I am hoping I get the same opportunity tomorrow.   Mom, Charlie and I went out to eat tonight at a yummy Italian restaurant.  I made a monthly plan of menus for February, so I thought we could splurge just one more night.  I got my juicer ready to go, and I am starting to get psyched for my early wake up calls.  I have decided the date I will begin my 30 day trial of getting up early is February 4th.  And I am almost pretty sure it will be 5:30am.  Oh, and I will post some new pictures tomorrow. Oh and one more thing...I registered Charlie and I for the half marathon next year.  Yes, it is official, we are doing it again.  :)