Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Giants!

Wow, I did not realize so much time has passed since my last entry. Sheez. Where does that time go? Well, today is the Giants game, so I am all decked out in my gear (actually it is Charlie's gear). I am starting to come down with a cold...but I am still fighting it. That, or I am in denial about having one. At least I am not flying. Its hard flying with the sniffles. All those boogers get backed up in the ears and it HURTS like the dickens when descending.

The rest of my vacation was very productive. I got caught up with a friend of mine that I had not talked to in over 2 years. And before you know it, it was a 3.5 hour lunch. Time always seems to be suspended when you have a good time. I got all the Christmas decorations put away. I was treated to a massage and lunch with my mom. Wrote that first letter to my Grandmom. Cleaned off my desk so that I can write again. Started on my pile of receipts to record for my 2007 taxes. The doggies were walked and although I still havent run since the big marathon day...I am hoping to start again next week. I am considering signing up for the Bayou City 10K in March. But my biggest hurdle of all, I have started on my art projects again. I have been working 1 hour minimum a day. If I want to do more I can, but it has to be at least an hour.

I am a fan of Jerry Seinfeld. And I found this article on what he did to become a better comic. It is very simple. Every day that he took some time to write jokes, he made a big RED X on that day on the calendar on his wall. You will see that these red X's make a chain. The object will be to not to break this chain. So I am going to make a chain with my artwork and if I break it, I will start all over. How long can I make a chain? I will have to set a personal record.

And another kudos to us last night for saving money and avoiding a fatty diet. I wanted to go out and this urge was something fierce. Hooters for some wings with beer so we can also watch the Rockets vs. Spurs game. Then to catch the movie Juno afterwards. Easily we would of dropped 50 bucks. But, we opted to eat in and watch the game at home. And I worked on my art while we watched a movie on Showtime. It was tough to do, but it is more important to do this than satiate my inner child for the moment and go into debt. That, and I also really did not need to attach those deep fried buffalo wings with special sauce to my inner thighs.

Well, the kick off just happened so I better concentrate my energies on the game. I will download some more pictures soon. I have to start over on my self potrait project, because I missed Friday and Saturday's photo. Ah, que sera!