Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 10: Almost Halfway There!

I am introspective tonight.  You know when you go for a hike, and you are not quite to the top of the mountain but when you turn around to look back on the trail you start to feel excited on just how far you have come?  And then you start to wonder...just how far you want to go down that rabbit hole?

My cravings are finally not dominating my every waking thought.  People had birthday cake at the lunch table today and I wasn't drooling or feeling sorry for myself (even when they all sounded like they were having orgasms while eating it).  I am starting to look forward to my delicious healthy meals.

You start to feel like a kid, wearing your parents clothes again.  And it fascinates you on how clothes that fit you just perfectly a month ago, now have a baggy bottom.  You wonder where that part of you went and if you are still dreaming.  I have only lost 3 pounds since I started this challenge but my weight has finally settled back to where I was at in my college days.

So now that I am past the roughest part of the journey, I am reflecting on how I can make the next half that much better.  I can definitely start incorporating some more greens..more salads and more green smoothies. I also need to get more sleep.  I am going to start following a 10 pm curfew with the internet on work nights...I keep missing my morning workouts when I am up past midnight the night before.  And I really want to start going to a Masters swimming class at 5am.  But the biggest challenge for me is...getting out of bed.

Next week is Boot Camp week at the YMCA.  Every day at 5:30am with a different trainer.  My friend came up with a brilliant plan to motivate me to get out of bed.  We both pay 10 dollars.  Whoever goes the most days takes the pot.  If there is a tie, we get our money back.  I believe that will work for me.

I also have a half marathon on Sunday at Brazos Bend Park. A trail run and the first one ever at that state park.  I am really looking forward to this. It will be so nice to get a break from concrete.  Wait till you see the video on the Web may just wish you were out there with me.

  • Oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon
  • Coffee with non-dairy creamer

  • Leftover butternut squash mixed with brown rice and chickpeas
  • Dark Chocolate Nugo Protein Bar
  • Whole wheat rice cake with hummus
  • A bowl of Almond Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with soy milk
  • Handful of almonds