Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 8: Feeling the Pressure

I am making the switch to blogger.  I like the how that it is owned by Google.  Plus it seems easier to add fun things, such as a Facebook badge, and postings.  Please bear with me as it will be under construction for a few days.

So today was a high stress day at work.  And I was feeling the need for comfort food, and lucky for me, there are comfort food options in the vegan world.  I ate more olive oil than usual.  Why do we crave fatty food when under stress?  I noticed I was not as hungry as usual by eating the fats.

I am not very proud of my diet today...the takeout spaghetti had too much olive oil. Funny how fatty food feels like a sack of bricks in the tummy when you don't eat oils as often.  I am enjoying this feeling of being in tune with the body, if only I can stop shutting it out by eating comfort foods when I am stressed.

  • Flax seed oatmeal with bananas, blueberries and cinnamon
  • Dark chocolate Nugo bar
  • Coffee with non-dairy creamer
  • Spaghetti with marinara and mushrooms
  • Orange
  • Sloppy Joes with Boca Crumbles & mushrooms(I need more work on my sauce before I share it. It was bland.)
  • Handful of baked pita chips
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Popcorn with vegan butter and lightly salted
  • Cup of pomegranates