Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 3: The Bear Comes Out

Today was a struggle.  It started out as a normal day.  I am on vacation so I slept in until I had to take the dog to the groomer.  I started out on a mission to eat more...but I had this appetite that would not be satiated.  Which has been my fear--too little calories will make you want to binge when you finally give your body more food.  Luckily, the food I binged on was high density nutritious food and I ate until I was full this time.  So at least I had that going for me.

Oh, but the cravings...the cravings kicked my butt today.


  • Herbalife Shake vanilla with cinnamon, banana and soy milk

  • A bowl of flax oatmeal with cinnamon and blueberries

  • Pink grapefruit sprinkled with a pinch of sugar

  • Glass of apple juice


  • A bowl chickpea salad (can of chickpeas, chives, rice, lemon juice, cucumber, salt, pepper & EVOO)

  • Nugo Dark Chocolate Protein Bar

  • Handful of Almonds


  • Veggie burger on whole wheat toast, tomato, lettuce, hummus and avocado.

  • Baked pita chips (handful)

  • Avocado and tomato salad with salt and lemon juice

Between lunch and dinner, Charlie and I went to Barnes and Noble.  The cravings were so bad, and that when we saw a Starbucks. I thought "If I could just have an ice coffee with soy milk, it would at least get my mind of my other cravings". Well, I decided to pass on it and save it for after tomorrow's run. I had became so sleepy, that I laid down for a nap and woke up an hour and half later. I had missed spinning class.  And I turned into a BEAR.  It was not a pretty picture.

What have I learned so far?

  • We are forced to be creative and try new recipes.  I am not a fan of chives.  But without grease and salt to flavor things, you start looking for other ways to jazz up food.  I ate a salad with onions...and it wasn't so bad.

  • You really have to read the ingredients...all of them.  Today I noticed that the Herbalife protein shake I had been drinking has milk ingredients.  Doh!  I wont be drinking that anymore until after the challenge.

  • Chocolate cupcake commercials on TV are pure evil.  I drooled all over the couch.

  • I am also surprised that I am so tired.  I thought this diet would give me boundless energy.  Still waiting for that to kick in.  Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better.  Only time will tell.