Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 11: Butterflies

Ugh.  I have a half marathon tomorrow and it is supposed to rain cats and dogs.  I would be okay with that but it will also be in the high 40's.  That is chilly.  And it will be on trails...and trails have puddles and when you step in puddles you get cold, squishy feet.  I have been so excited about this run since I have signed up but I have never had to run in the rain.

I know, I sound like a princess.  I will just have to suck it up, cupcake.

Lazy, relaxing day.  Not too much to report.  Just trying to psyche myself up for the race.

We are saving lots of money on this vegan challenge from not eating out as much.  And I can almost say that the cooking part is not so bad...and that I am starting to get used to it, maybe even (gasp)...enjoy it?

  • Cereal with lite soy milk
  • Hummus sandwich with half an avocado, spinach, and red pepper on multi-grain toast
  • Banana, half an avocado, and lime juice salad (I know it sounds weird but I think it tastes good. One of the running athletes I follow, Tim VanOrden, eats this before races. He inspires me.)
  • Dark chocolate Nugo Protein bar
  • 2 handfuls of almonds
  • Linguine with mushrooms, marinara and red pepper